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Anyone use Daytradetowin?

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JP trades 20 contracts. But he can afford to. The DTW website says that it has sold “thousands” of ATO courses. Do the math people! We are talking millionaire here. God bless America!!

Add to that the $180,000 (300 courses @ $600 per course) he took in from the sale of his Trade Scalper course he offered for the first time a few months ago, and the $1,800 a pop Atlas Line he sells and you can see why JP can more than afford to trade 20 contracts. Heck, he can trade zero contracts and still make more money in one year than most of us combined will make.

JP is a paper trading legend. He refused to to share his personal trading statements to back up the performance. He clearly stated the results were simulated and this was evident in his Utube informercials.

If you can beileve he sold all those courses and ebooks than he is, indeed, making a good living, not from trading his money, but by taking it away from those who yearn for a quick and easy way to take money out of the markets.

I've seen this movie a hundred times. The actors have different names, but they all do the same thing. Vendors, with a rare exception or two, line their pockets by selling crap to the gullible, naive, and burnt out traders looking for a fix.

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