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Trading the Jam way

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Juno Beach
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Last week my wife and I attended a free seminar for 5 days (3 hours a day) hosted by

JAM's (Jim) son Michael hosted the seminar and went through:

The basics of a trading plan
Setting goals and treating trading as a business
What it takes to succeed in trading
Setting up NinjaTrader 7.0
Using a free forex provider with NT 7.0
Money management
Trading expenses (since it is a business)
Drawdown management
Multi-chart trading to understand important areas of the market
Their method and tools in depth
Their custom indicators
Their custom strategies
Trade setups
Use of support and resistance
Trading flags
Trading triangle breakouts
Pre-market analysis
Post-market analysis
Their advancement process
The markets they trade and the order they add the markets
Live trading in the room for 2 days

Overall this was a great session. Of course they are trying to get you to join their trading family because they are providing a paid service. But I was totally impressed with the amount of information they provided about their process and the transparency of their information. I didn't feel like I was seeing something just for that day. Also, they were not selling "magic trading dust." They were upfront on what it takes to succeed and the easy ways to fail. Also, there were no high pressure sales tactics. Basically, "Here's who we are and what we do. Come join us if you would like. We will be here doing the same session next week if you want to come back to the free session again."

As some of you know I'm trying to teach my wife to trade. She is willing to learn but she is not comfortable researching this on her own. If I don't have the time due to my day job or I am not successful I will definitely recommend her going with and JAM to get the attention she will need.

Great job Jam. Thanks again


Thank you for the feedback, I am glad you were impressed. This was our first education week and I know we need to make a few adjustments however, I feel we have a great start and we really spend a lot of time on psychology, trading plans and journaling your trades.

thank you for the kind words.


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