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Day Trade to Win - Atlas Line - Experience?

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I've used the Atlas Line for most of the year. I find it intriguing as price often bounces off it. I have been curious as to how it is programmed and sorry I missed the removed post. I don't trade based on his guide as there are too many false signals. Overall I believe it has helped my trading as a confirmation for price action taught by Al Brooks. ATO requires too big of s/l to be profitable per his trading guidelines even when using a 10min. chart taking a conservative signal. He also sells a scalping method which is breakeven at best. The Trading Loosers forum is curious. I don't see any other posts besides the one ripping this forum. I'm sure JP makes good money selling his indicators. He always brushes off questions about the Atlas Line saying it is a proprietary indicator and I'm sure he'd like to keep it that way. With just 8 months of experience with it I'm able to make a fairly close guess to where it will start and its direction before it begins to plot, so it is not a surprise to me that someone more sophisticated than I could re-create the script. While JP undoubtedly wants to protect is profit center I'm sure he is aware he has no chance in defending it from duplication. If anyone has a copy of the removed duplication please PM me. He has already made his money from me. I just want to test my theories of its composition.

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