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It is always the same story. I am a housewife. I am living in the USA (location not disclosed), and I am focussing on threads and posts to promote www.proequitytrader.

One of TraderBee's posts from the forum T2W (same username).

"If you are looking for something super easy to understand and incredibly accurate, check out
You can go to their website and join their Trading room free for a week and even try out their indicators before you buy... they don't really advertise that, but they let me, so mention it.
I'm just a housewife who trades for daily income, yet I I have not had a losing trade for weeks! The accuracy is great!

Good luck! "

Housewife with no losing trades for weeks.

I am an orang utan, I have never had a losing trade in my life! *)

*) yep, baby orang utan, not so many trades....

Roger Felton had the same type of promoter a few years ago on Elite Trader. One of the forensic types over there discovered it happened to be Roger's wife.

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