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trading hundreds of contract everyday? Real or no Real?

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Hey guys, been to the website for a while and watch his videos. I have to say it is very inspiring to see guy trading hundreds of contract and consistently making 200k everyday. Thats what I am dreaming for. So for the pass weeks, I have been to his website and able to watch his live stream for few times. However, Something just doesn't feel right. Yes, you see him up 6 figures, but how so? I don't know because he opened live stream after he already up about 500k( forgot what is the exact amount). one time he was short and up about 60k, (again, don't know when he was shorted), and price just hit a bottom and start pulling back to his entry price. I was really interested to see how he would managed that trade. Then he just close the live stream. What??? Serious???

Now I am not saying that he is not a good trader? But I really suspect that this is another "GURU". The Ads on his website, (also ad from Ninja Trader, which is the broker he used in the video). would a millions trader care about those income from those website advertisement? Also, he has been trading for 8 years, so I guess 2007? In the video from 2010, he was already trading 500+contracts. WOW... don't know what to say. I don't know what he do it. But sure there are a lot of trader look up to him like a god.

To be honest, I think this guy definitely has some trading knowledge and skill for sure. But he's performance is just unjustified base on what I see. Don't get me wrong, I really hope that this is a true story, and not just another guy trying get pay by getting people viewing his site.

I am not a good trader, and only been to his site for a short period of time, does anyone here has experience in his website? What do you guys think? Real trader or not?

Watch some of his stuff about 4 or 5 years ago and made the mistake of showing it to the wifey poo..... then of course right then, as he does a lot, he flashed up on the screen these chicks with big ones....boy did I get


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