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Friendly vendor competition?

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Hi Gents,

I would love the idea of a competition! I think competition is very healthy indeed!

On the SIM note, I think you could make it as close to the real thing as it gets (not sure how to work it out as a 95% percentage or else as such but still), or totally irrelevant. I have tested many strategies, trialed some platforms, Brokers and so on, on a SIM basis, and ignoring the queue issue, I always tried to do exactly what I would with one of my real accounts, as it otherwise is a fairly pointless exercise.

On the performance/statements side, and without getting into the question of whether or not one might be able to fake such things, I am not convinced it mirrors very well the worthiness of a training course or Trading room, but while negative results will not attract followers (why would you follow someone who looses when you can do that yourself!?), I am not sure positive ones are a guarantee of success for trainees/learners: Experience can not be taught, and this is very much so the quintessential part of success, assuming one works with a sensible method (I have trained many people and have always shown results and live trading to those who want to see the way I work in action, but those who make the effort to work hard are unvariably the ones who succeed, and those who don't fail, regardless of my performance, which are very much linked to the knowledge of the markers and instruments I trade, experience, trading capital, etc).

Having said all that I am working on a screen sharing room, where many traders can come and share their screens, to show live trading on live accounts, as I think this is a very good learning process, and a very good addition to theory, but I can't think of a reason, why so many rooms or training courses, most often fail to show live trading, and I have been scratching my head wondering why so few people offer that..?

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