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KongZanaTrading live room plus strategy

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I am not sure what you are saying. I dont care if he uses a dom or shows entries in another way. I actually use algotrader myself or enter on tws directly. I simply used " dom" as a generic term for showing actual entries. The only " entries " i heard when i was in his room were spoken words saying " there might be a reversal here" and other vague ideas. And e repeating phrases like " take profits". " those of you who are in this trade ".. it is like all the other con rooms i have joined. The vagueness of the mod and rara of other members makes for a cult like experience where members assume the mod is making money and they only need to decipher his genius, of which he is so giving.
Unless actual live entries , using real money are shown by the mod i will assume it is a magicians game with the aim of getting newer traders to pony up the $299 a month.

OK, sorry to have misunderstood you. I haven't gone to the site and so I don't really know one way or another, so I probably shouldn't be expressing an opinion.

I did gather that he does show his entries, based on what others have said. If not, that could be a problem.

For me, the bottom line is that I am skeptical, but it is fine with me if someone finds value there, as several people have said they have done. If I'm not certain that there is any issue with the site, I think it is best for me to just pass on and not make assumptions about its legitimacy or lack of it. Yes, many sites are not valuable, but if someone finds it worthwhile, and has their eyes open, then that is their decision. The question is whether those who use it can make money, which is a cut and dried issue, the kind that gets decided pretty quickly. If they can, then power to them (and I assume they will post about it here.) If not, they are full-grown adults and can do whatever they like.

So I'll bow out, without making any judgments pro or con.


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