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brokers for trading futures mobile

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brokers for trading futures mobile

Hi there,

I got a problem... I recently moved to the u.s. and a few days ago, I found out that trading CFD's is not allowed for u.s. residents. I really can't believe that. Instead I have to trade futures if i wanna continue trading the indices.

What I need is a broker that has a good mobile app since i do a normal job and therefore I'm not home during the day. For CFD's I used MT4 mobile which has very good charting tools, like you can see a market in every time frame that you want (daily, 5min etc..) and you can add indicators, use the cross hair stuff like that. And it was even free.

does somebody know a broker that provides such an advanced app that allows you to trade futures? What brokers would that be?

I checked out tradestation and eTrade. I have an account at IB and also checked ninja trader 7. Though I dont get how to test the mobile app for ninja and I dont like the concept having to be connected with your desktop version to the internet all the time. CQG M seems good, but it is way too expensive.

The 2nd requirement would be that the broker allows you to trade the DAX-mini at EUREX (FDXM). However, if it does not i probably will be able to deal with just trading the ES or YM instead. eTrade does not provide EUREX futures. But I think, americans also trade DAX, it shouldn't be so specific...

any help would be really appreciated. thanks a lot

Or do you know a mobile app that just provides you real time + historical data and the mentioned charting tools?

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