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Friendly vendor competition?

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Nobody would do it because if they fail or don't come first they would lose customers, it's got a low payout ratio.

Plus most of them are full of bs, but you know that already lol.

Merry Christmas!

Sadly I think you're right. . but perhaps they could be convinced otherwise if the atmosphere were encouraging enough. I, for one, would give a company/vendor immense credit solely for being willing to test their mettle in such an open and transparent manner, for all to see. . it'd also provide an outlet for them to discuss the logic behind their means and methods (not necessarily specifics, more broad-level details), to perhaps prove to the community at large that their approach has some merit.

As important as 'live' results are, as pointed out several times in this thread and others, they're only extremely valid over a large enough data pool, or a long enough stretch of time, or ideally both. . so if they knew that they wouldn't be written off if they happened to face a small stretch of bad luck during the competition (and perhaps this could be solved with a semi-permanent, ongoing competition?), this might help encourage participation. . .

I'm still giving this all some thought. I *do* still think its possible. . if anyone can rustle up even a single vendor willing to compete, its a start, and I'd immediately be much more optimistic about our chances

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