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simon jousef's GTR trading room

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Tone is difficult to express in print, but I wasn't intending to be patronizing. But your tone of accusations and insult is quite clear. I assume it is because you are frustrated or feel you have been deceived. I get that. Knowing what Simon's room is really like, I thought my willingness to discuss might shed a different light on what is happening in the GTR. But I am not interested in responding to all the negative comments by providing proof that if you join the GTR you can just follow trade signals and make money. That is essentially the standard you put forward. I am only interested in defending the truth from my perspective.

Going back to my basic premise: If there is someone out there that can trade profitably and let you watch while he's doing it live, isn't just that alone a potentially valuable resource? Simon does that. And he offers to teach you how he does it. Without a time limit. What about this do you think is not true? Whether it works for you is a different question. But it is certainly not a scam!

I don't want to get too deep into the topic of Bob, but I will grant you that his trading was very difficult to follow, and yes, some trades impossible unless you knew in advance. He was very energetic and approached trading aggressively. I don't believe he had any ill will or was trying to do anything but help students, but his style certainly brought a change to the room compared to the way it was prior to his joining. In my opinion it was a mismatch for Simon's teaching personality. He is no longer there. Assuming you are a member, I would suggest you give it a second look.

Your wrong again. The standard I put forward is to get an honest and transparent trade room that I could learn from and profit....isn't that the least we should expect from a trade room for $8000??
I have been learning the art of trading for many years and only recently found consistent results.
I know a scam when I see one.

If you are happy to pay that money and not make progress then more fool you.
Simon's call are impossible to follow and I doubt very much that he does NOT get filled on more than half what he says.

For you to defend him so vigorously I believe you have some affiliation with him , like many do in his trade room that back him to the hilt.
If Im wrong, then ask him to show his DOM or get his trade history from his ninjatrader platform. very easy to do, but he will make excuses.

As you said, do NOT respond to my 'negative' comments because that is all you will get regarding the GTR and I wont bother responding to your comments.

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