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simon jousef's GTR trading room

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No, I'm not joking. Nor on the payroll. I would be happy to discuss.

Upon reviewing your and others comments, it seems to me you are judging the room negatively because it is not the holy grail. You cannot judge this room or any other method of teaching against a shortcut to guaranteed success. I would think everyone here would agree that chasing that holy grail is unproductive. I'm not particularly interested in making a broad pitch for the room but if you state what your experience and problem was, I would be happy to comment only because I find the room far superior to most of what is out there.

What I will say is that Bob and Sandy are no longer affiliated with Simon. Bob and Sandy were good guys. Bob was the salesman for Simon and sold pretty hard. And sometimes I felt he emphasized ticks per day in a way that portrayed the room primarily as a trade signal service. As a trader, he had some good runs, but in my opinion his personality was not consistent with Simon's. On many occasions I felt that his loud style and tendency to talk over everyone created some stress and confusion. So I won't argue with some of the complaints about the environment being confusing. But those days were for a relatively short time and the GTR is back to its natural tone.

Regarding the comments about magnets, indicators and names he uses, I can't speak for Simon, but if you pay attention to what he is teaching, I think you would find that the names are shortcuts for subsets of his methods. For instance when he refers to a "knife", it's not a marketing gimmick. It's simply a way to describe a certain set of circumstances and how he trades them. Its all part of his teaching style. If you spent any amount of time in the room or in his teaching sessions, you would see first hand how these names come about. They are mostly made up casually on the fly, in front of the students as discussions on a certain trade and his description of how he sees the market.

I just want to give a little more thoughtful perspective for anyone considering the GTR. It's not for everyone, but believe that Simon is sincere in his efforts to teach and absolutely not a scam. Again, if you have a specific complaint or question, I'd be happy to respond.

I find your comments very patronizing. No one said they were looking for 'the holy grail' because it does NOT exist.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the GTR, mine was very negative and I believe they are a scam.

After getting sucked into the scam a few years back I started to question the trade results after a few months in the room as I was NOT getting the fills or results that they claim they were getting.
Simon , Bob or Sandy would NOT prove to me they were getting the results and made many excuses.

Why don't you ask yourself that same question? you have been a member for many years and you say you are only just positive this year. If you have been with the GTR then maybe you should be up 1000's of ticks as Simon claims or are you deluded.

Simon , Bob & Sandy are NOT good traders and NOT worthy. Bob & Sandy are doing their own thing and I hear its just as Bad as the GTR. The only thing Simon cares about is money.

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