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simon jousef's GTR trading room

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Sharmas, after re-reading your post I'll try to make my point more concisely:

To claims that no one should join rooms because they only can teach but not actually trade: Nonsense. This is verifiable without even joining. Just attend some of the free trial days.

Simon is only front running: Watch carefully. I think you will see that he is not trading in a way that would be conducive to that. More importantly, no matter what some might think is trickery, have you ever been in a room that someone was calling trades at the entry point? Even if he wasn't taking his own trades, try calling trades yourself or trading sim. Can you match his consistency? Would you stay in the trades as long as he does to capture the runners? How can he or anyone fake this in a live trading environment daily? Impossible!

Post results to prove it works: Wrong question. "it' implies a black box type system or set of trade signals that should be able to be switched on and get results. One of the first things I picked up largely here at Big Mike's, is the idea of an off the self trading system is essentially searching for the holy grail and would not be a legitimate goal for traders. Simon is not claiming to teach a holy grail system. He is showing you how to trade like he does so you can incorporate that into your trading method. Its discretionary and requires work to read the market the way he does. Yes, he has some tools he developed but he is the first to emphasize that they are not necessary for success.

Regarding the site that claims fraud
: Dishonest site.

Disclaimer: I am certainly not speaking for Simon. As a matter of fact, I have only spoken to him via email about 3 times over the last 4 years. So as far as I know, he may have an issue with some of what i am saying here.

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