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simon jousef's GTR trading room

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Hello Sharmas,
I think the suggestion that my trading performance is confirmation of the GTR misses my point.
I'm simply offering my assessment and experiences of the GTR for those that are seeking insight into trading. A little background: I consider myself very competent and analytical. I also admit I had a hell of a time when I first started trading. I was convinced there was something fundamental and quantifiable about the market that I was missing and just needed to find it. Not the holy grail per se, but a hidden trade secret or something that was keeping me from seeing the market correctly. Joining Big Mikes was a good start. But what really started waking me up from my misguided attempts to create an entirely mechanical trading system was 1) spending some time with Discovery Trading Group after seeing their webinars on Market Delta's site; then 2) I found FT71's webinar series and continue to follow him; and finally 3) joining the GTR. (wasn't called that back then). The most significant contribution to my trading was Simon's room. Why? Because it allowed me to witness first hand, a profitable trader using the volume profile and simple trade management that worked. And it was live every day. Before this, I was starting to doubt whether any retail traders were making money consistently and it was very important for me to see it done live. It also was a much needed compliment to the way I had started to see the market.

So, respectfully, my trading records are not particularly relevant. And I am not claiming GTR will guarantee you will become a profitable trader. But if it doesn't, its not because there is a problem with the GTR. The GTR provides you an opportunity to watch traders trade a live market, explain what they see and why they are trading it. Yes, it is possible to catch some of their trades. It is also possible to anticipate and catch almost all their trades if you have the ability to focus. And they will follow up with any questions and try to bring all members up to speed on how they trade. But the type of complaints I read here do not lead me to believe that they gave it enough time or effort to benefit from the GTR. Becoming a good trader requires lots of work, the GTR does not pretend to change that. But I argue it will provide traders a good resource if they choose to use it.

Shamas, if you want me to address specifics, let me know. [for the record, I have not been trading consistently over the last year. I am only slightly positive after fees. I attribute that to a life changing distraction that has kept me from the proper focus and an inability to adhere to my trading plan. But it is not a reflection on the GTR.]

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