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Boomerang indicator system at

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I've heard some good thing about the boomerang or whatever it's called: from some research and looking at the boomeangtrader website, which has their charts up I have been able to match their settings.

The Setting for the Moving Average 1 = SMA 14

The Setting for the Moving Average 2 = EMA 5

The Setting for the Force Index is some other indicator I can't seem to match but Perry's version setting seems close enough!

The Setting for the Trade Bias Selector (what a joke) Is the just MACD set to 8/25/7 with the Average line hidden.

Looks like the wanker is selling this package for like $500 with some other can the piker sell the MACD, i mean the Trade bias selector for so much money?

Now, they do have special trend bars and arrows..but seems to me it is not needed as you take the trades if the bar is below the MA's anway...forget the arrows.

So's all based on normal indicators and just a moving average strategy like buy above the MA's and sell below them.

Why don't these twats post real trading results?

I just checked for fun and you are spot on.


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