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Advanced (i.e. expensive) software most certainly is available for trial. Advanced algo software developers, of the order traded by fund managers and banks alike, ALL have trials.

"Twice burned, three times shy!" as the saying goes. After I got socked for $3,200 a year and half ago on a piece of 'hyper discretionary' software that I could not trial, I said, "never again." Usually, the lack of a trial period = hyper discretionary system where nothing is clear accept to the owner of the software who will "teach" you for another $1,000 how to use it AFTER you bought it for $2,500.

From that time to this, I am only interested in trail trading packages, all of which I did not purchase. Without a trial period, one can be suckered over and over again. The key is to trade a method that makes sense to you.

If you have a system that is as spectacular as you claim, then put down the rules for trading it and automate it. Lastly, put down your own money letting it trade in real-time providing verifiable evidence of account growth.

Too many discretionary systems out there that only make sense to the guy wanting to sell it. Undoubtedly, the seller is convinced that it works. And it may work well but for him/her. Therefore, prove it by having rules so clear that it can be automated. Otherwise, allow clients to test drive it.

Forgive me for sounding harsh. I have little faith in vendors who for reasons of "advanced" this and that cannot allow for a 5-day trial. Sheeeeshshsh...!


Aha! I just visited your website and discovered that your system was one that I had purchased some time ago and begged to get my money back. I will confess that the system has a unique entry system at the bid/ask. The accumulation and distribution analysis is unique, too. However, I was so enamored with the millisecond action of the "popping bubbles" to determine when to go for a scalp that I often got beaten up by the market. The system has a very steep learning curve. I was always trying to clearly read the squiggily lines.

For what its worth, you need a few standard indicators thrown into your system just to help the scalper see the bigger picture. The layout needs sharpening. Too many lines flowing over each other to make sense out of what is happening. This is not for the faint of heart.

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