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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Regardless of what was said, how it was said, how it was interpreted, trust issues or no trust issues. All I read is Emmett wanting you to prove that you traded your software on a real account making real money. That can only be via redacted trading statements that can be linked back to real trade signals that your indicators foretold the user to take.

I don't think it gets any simpler than that. It's like you verbally telling the tax man you have paid your taxes, only for the tax man to say you haven't. So you prove it with a copy of your verified tax return.

Upload your statements to Dropbox and provide a public link and then all this goes away and Emmett will probably give you a 5 star review. Random Joe Blow making a comment on Emmett's thread saying how great the indicators are means nothing.

Proving with hard evidence means more business for you, more income. Winner, winner.

Please don't promote yourself here by linking to the statements as it would violate the forum rules, but there are a number of ways for you to validate yourself outside of this forum.

So don't dance around with a response here. My question is, are you going to provide proof (outside of this forum) with trading statements (not an Excel spreadsheet) - your real broker statements - that can be matched to your software signals?

Put them in Dropbox and provide a public link on Emmett's blog. If you do that, boom, all this bad feeling I see out there goes away. A very, very simple fix.

I don't think they have to prove anything here. They market a product. They publish their phone number. If you are considering the product, call them, ask every question and ask for every shred of detail you need in order to make your purchasing decision. If you get it, great - buy the product. If you don't get it, don't buy the product. Asking a vendor to come here and prove something will likely lead nowhere due to the fact that almost anything (including posting brokerage statements) would be considered marketing and thus a violation of forum policies. At least that's the way I understand it. Good luck.

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