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Gulabv- Thanks! Yeah, I only trade the first half hour of the day and sometimes I will stay on longer if the market doesn't get too choppy after the reports. It is just a personal decision, but I feel more comfortable with the speed of the market at the beginning and it seems to take the best runs. Plus, I don't like to work more than an hour a day. lol
I've used the system for about 7 months now. I would have to say that the only hits I take would be due to oopsies on my part by taking a bad trade and trying to get in early before all my indicators line up. I try to be diligent, but sometimes I jump the gun and it doesn't always work out. But, that is only 10 ticks which is a few hundred bucks and I call it quits for the day... I have a rule about not recovering because I get too frazzled. Honestly though, I have only had 1 or 2 losers in the time I have been trading this system due to the actual indicators.
My average win is 5 ticks per trade and 20 ticks per day. I am currently using a trailing stop, so sometimes I'll only get 1 tick profit on a trade, other times I'll take 10 ticks profit.

Zoethecus- I get that. A low-down on traderbee--- I came over from a different forum because big mike's seems to be directed more towards what I am looking for. I needed some feedback about my trailing stop and got some great advice to take bigger profits. I also like to share what I trade and my experience, thus far. I am still a newbie in the market knowledge area, and it intrigues me to read threads on things I never knew about. Like trading coffee?!?!?! Blew my mind! I am also big in to "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and I am always looking for other great avenues to invest money. Anyhoo... Yeah, I don't know what a "trading blotter" is, but I could take some screen shots or something next week and show my trades, I'll just find a way on here to do that? If you could let me know how, I would be happy to share them.

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