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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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re: Emmet Moore

Hey Johnny - yeah, about Mr. Moore.

Emmett contacted me when I was leaving for a flight in an Airport to Portland. He told me that he was going to do a review on my product - and I asked him how he was going to do that without having the software?

I told him I would do 2 things for him.

First - I told him that I would give him a copy of the software for free to use and evaluate.

Second - I told him that I would send 5 customers to him that had the software for over a year. That he could ask them anything he wanted, see their trading performance - and get a "boots on the ground" assessment for his review.

We agreed that he would wait until I got back from my trip (I was visiting my brother in Oregon after not seeing him for 3 years)

That's when things went to s**t.

When I got back - he'd posted his "review".

He based his review on watching my sales webinar. (I s**t you not).

When I called him back, he said that he would "be happy to change his 'review' " if I would send him an audited statement of my personal trading record. When I asked him about everything we had discussed in the airport (giving him a copy of the software to train him on, and having him talk to the customers) he said "he didn't recall" that conversation (I recorded him saying this to me during the call....you can judge for yourself when he says this if he's lying).

5 of my customers contacted him. They all said the same thing. "Mr. Moore wasn't interested in anything we had to say".

When my customers tried to post a review underneath in the comment section, one of 2 things happened. They either couldn't post their comment altogether, or they couldn't post higher than 1 star (all 5 had the same experience).

What we were able to find out was this Johnny.

Mr. Moore has a deal where he does exactly what we just described. He essentially "extorts" you and tells you he's going to leave a 1 star review online unless you are able to send him your personal trading records. When he sees your personal trading records - he approaches you with an "offer" to "promote" your service. If you agree - he tells people that your software which normally costs "x" costs "x+1000$", and gets a kickback for every customer he sends to your "successful" website. (see how that works?). Unless you play Mr. Moore's game - you're shamed in public with an eternal "review" of something he never reviewed.

Mr. Moore actually made "defamatory" statements about us in his review (that's when you say something like, "I'm pretty sure my neighbor's a whore...she dresses trashy", and post it online). I had our attorney go through it, and he couldn't believe the things Mr. Moore wrote. Our attorney contacted Mr. Moore's attorney who conceded that Moore went way over the line in his "review" and had him go back and edit the review.

We were told that the customer's ability to post more than 1 star was a "glitch" that had been "fixed".

We were told that they didn't know why people couldn't post a review at all, and that the "glitch" had been "fixed".

My offer to give Mr. Moore the actual software was rejected - and we were told Mr. Moore doesn't trade and wouldn't use the software. As of today - he hasn't opened the code once on his machine, or spoken with a single customer about their experiences with it, which begs the question, "what did he review"?

Johnny, I have people on IO that are "reviewing" the product for us now (I gave them free copies to work with). If you'd like to be part of that process, please contact me via email and I'd be in your debt. In the spirit of BMT and helping traders in this and other communities, we need to start filtering out guys like this who benefit financially from manipulating the traders in the community for financial gain. Let me know - and thanks for the heads up.


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