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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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Assumption is the worst form of Judgement

@Big Mike
THis is what you wrote ....Stop posting or risk being banned for rude behavior.

I demand a public apology from Michael an for him to come out and tell everyone as to why he lied and can this man be ever trusted in this Forum and does this community need someone who fabricates truth..

And based on the Log...(attached again ) where is that rude behaviour...This log was sent to me by Michael and the facts holds...Liars and dishonest people always leave a trail and he thought he was being the Superman by lying the way he has in here.

Mike, I need you to come back as you jumped to the conclusion based on what Michael wrote and now you have the absolute proof in form of the Log records.No where in that Log i shouted or even used bad language that Michael has accused me off.

Michael has totally twisted the truth to build his side of story and he sold it to you. No verbal communication takes place apart from the moderator who has full control.

There is something called Honesty...Credibility and fairness. I come to you to seek your guidance.

Just like you told me to stop this with the fear of being Banned....will you be fair now based on the full proof provided to you.

Michael has twisted the situation and has lied ..A complete and utter lie and there is a good name for people who lie.

@BTTFT Michael ... How can this man be trusted ..Micheal went on to write something that did not even take place...He LIED about what i said...The attached LOG is the truth and now everyone can see what a Liar and fabricator Michael is....And you want to trust this Michael with your hard earned money....

A man who is so confidently twist the truth to show how Mighty he is has no room in this Forum or community. And sold his story which has been bought so easily..

Here is what Michael wrote......and once again i attach the log ...Such a sad human being that he will lie to this extend ...
You come in the room, throw 82 questions at me in 15 minutes, expect an answer right away, and then hurl several personal insults at me before you storm out of the room BONZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!

None of this happened and yet i am accussed by Michael of this huge intergrity issue....
I would LOVE to see Saten run a live GoToMeeting with 86 people screaming questions at him and see how nicely he reacts when someone like him shouts "YOU'RE A PIECE OF S**T HAVE A NICE DAY A**HOLE", and then leaves the room before you can react.

I know you made it very clear that....This is not a defense of the vendor. This is a defense of the principles of this community.

@Big Mike, my credibility and integrity is on line here....So which side you going to take to protect this community

Now you have the proof and in the Webinars the attendees do not have the chance to speak and in this case the only interaction that I had was via the logs

I need to see what you going to do Mike as the truth needs to be known


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