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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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@Big Mike

There is always two side to a story...With the Log attached which Michael sent to me directly speaks the truth and no where did i shout or threw colorful language that Michael has accused me of...He has lied and i take this seriously that a person of Michael/s stature will go out and lie to this extend... The LOG is the truth ls

One is the truth which i have sent via the PM and one that Michael has written, which is a sheer lie.

There was no interaction and FACT....in Webinars only the presenter has the control... and i left the room when there was no response and attached is the log which Michael himself sent me.

I wasn't rude to him as i asked questions to understand and when the signal worked out he answered me straight away.... But then for 30 minutes he ignored all my questions... .But from the email i sent you via PM CLEARLY shows he was happy to have a go at me in private domain rather than in his room

Nothing is lost Mike all good with me...Please there is always 2 sides to a story FACTS versus Lies....

HONESTY is something that is hard to get and Michael has showed it here that ....There was not a SINGLE discussion IN ROOM with me and him and he did not offer me anything at all ....I urge if the so called 86 people can come an tell the truth... WHY does one has to lie ...Be honest and people will respect you for it...

I can send you all my email interactions with Michael after i left the room...WHY do any vendor including Michael send an email and demand one should respect him....
I have no reason to LIE or fight with this Vendor as the truth is known by many ...

As i said....The truth and the lies and now one can decide which side they want to believe.... And i am happy to send all my emails to show the truth behind this Michael...

Big Mike View Post
Enough already, based on what the vendor has posted about your behavior in the room, it seems clear to me you are obsessed with this.

Stop posting or risk being banned for rude behavior.

This is not a defense of the vendor. This is a defense of the principles of this community.


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