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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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East Bend
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Most insulting customer ever

Hey Saten, thanks for posting this - it gives me a chance to tell everyone what happened yesterday.

The nice part about GoToMeeting, is that it saves everything you type to me in the room...and I don't have to remember what you said, versus just copying and pasting things.

When you arrived at the 5 hour class, about 45 minutes into the room you were asking if you should "go long" or "go short" based on the signals you had seen for a sum total of 45 minutes. Anyone in the BMT community knows that you don't trade signals you have no statistical history with. It became very clear in our exchange that you were less concerned about learning - and more concerned with me calling out live signals that could be shadow traded.

When I started to answer your questions - which were great questions - you typed the following 2 statements to me 49 minutes into a 5 hour class:

"okay..this has been a waste of time Michael...You are no different oJJ of SOT who loves hearing his own voice... "

"so are you one of those Vendors who will only answer when you are right... "

"good bye... keep selling the dream to poor people as this is just as what people said... "

You came believing I "love the sound of my own voice", and was "selling the dream to poor people". You left believing the same thing.

I answered EVERY one of your questions, and explained EVERY signal of the charts.

You, unfortunately, were one of those customers that forgets there were 86 PEOPLE in the room, also asking questions. You reacted like a small child, or a teenage girl when you didn't have a private - in -real- time conversation with me so you could place live trades (possibly). Rather than act responsibly - and respectfully - which I did to all 86 people - you did something else.

Traders that come in with your bad-attitude-heart problem always pull what I call a "BONZAI!!!!!". You come in the room, throw 82 questions at me in 15 minutes, expect an answer right away, and then hurl several personal insults at me before you storm out of the room BONZAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!! It happens about twice a month - and is always fascinating that when you do it, you expect the person you insulted personally to act like Mother Theresa and say, "oohhh, Saten....you're so right. Now now, here's some cookies....let's put a warm blanket on you and read Mark Douglas together....ok?"

I asked that you behave like a human being, in a room full of other human beings - all trying to learn and figure things out. I told you I would review everything - and tell you what was happening in real time - and that at the END of the webinar, we'd go through each signal to make sure EVERYONE understood what happened at each one.

I've attached the chart for the Crude Futures signals that appeared during this episode so that people can see what you were referring to - as you painted a picture where nothing worked. People can judge for themselves what happened.

FINALLY - I spoke with my partner. He said that if I wanted, I could give you a free lifetime copy of the software ($2,495) if you wanted it, with the understanding that you wouldn't take it - and if you did, you probably wouldn't attend any of the classes to actually learn how to use it. I told him you wouldn't - but there's the offer, nonetheless.

I am not a monster. I'm a human being - a guy with 3 kids, and a wife. You guys all think I'm sitting somewhere in West Palm drinking Whiskey Sours on the beach with my blonde trophy girlfriend. I would LOVE to see Saten run a live GoToMeeting with 86 people screaming questions at him and see how nicely he reacts when someone like him shouts "YOU'RE A PIECE OF S**T HAVE A NICE DAY A**HOLE", and then leaves the room before you can react.

Let me know if you want the software - everything I have for free - every tool I've made is yours. I don't think you'll take me up on it, and if you do, I'm pretty sure you won't try to learn. I think you want a black box system and a guy from Texas telling you when to press the buy button so you don't have to take responsibility for learning something.

Your move, Saten.

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