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Thanks for your report on MSA. I also have just started playing with this tool recently. One thing I noticed that MSA can import in is the stop price with regards to your trades (which I usually do have with my NinjaTrader strategies). Unfortunately NT does not output in the Trades tab of a backtest where one's max stop loss they may have had during a trade.

Do you know of any way to potentially get this stop loss information for a trade from Ninja to MSA? I'm guessing we'd have to write some custom stuff in NinjaTrader to output the Trades array to a file and simply add in the extra stop info (if you had one on during a trade).


I noticed this too, as I am not a programmer, I do it the hard way, I manually track my initial stop loss on a piece of paper, then when I export the trades grid to excel, i insert a column and manually type it in before importing to MSA. i am sure someone could figure this out but that someone is not me.

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