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Trading the Jam way

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Hi Sukhsan,
I do use nexgen fibs in my EC charts as well as my own variation of Balance and fibs. As for the other indicators, they were not developed by Nexgen only copied.
For example, the large triggers are linear regression MA and an MA of the LRMA. I do not use the small triggs but instead have adapted a Hull MA which I find better for me. The Keltner is a 55 period EMA with a displacment of 3.4. And on my GDP chart I have nothing from Nexgen at all.

They have a nice trading package and it cost me a lot of money for not only the package, but trying to trade their rules as well for over 4 1/2 years. In the free room that I moderate mostly with a few Nexgen people on and off, when question I always have to ask, are you profitable, if so keep doing what you are doing. No one has every said they were profitable when asked.

Hope this helps


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