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Trading the Jam way

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Trading the Jam way

I thought this would be a great place to post my trading rules, charts, talk about the setups, winners, losers, ones that set up and I missed and so forth.
I am using a 6 pip range bar on the GPBUSD and will use the same for the EURUSD.
Lets start with the rules for trend trades first.

  1. Pullback momentum trade entry rules
  1. Price bars must be on correct side of large triggers and large trigger in our direction or weakening,
  2. Bars must be in trade color yellow for down, green for up and should be on correct side of mid-band.
  3. Wait for a pullback to an area within a couple ticks. (if area is MB then MB must be trade direction color or wait for price to close on correct side of signal line)
  4. Enter on a reversal bar from area
  5. Macds in trade direction with weak pullback.
  6. Never enter a trade outside of the outer bands.
1. Initial stop is 2 ticks above/below the entry bar
2. Move stop to BE at 10 pips/ticks
3. Exit half of your position at Outer Bands
4. exit second half when the Parabolic flips AND your price bar closes against you. If Parabolic flips and price bar closes
back in the trade direction then move stop two ticks above/below that bar.

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