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I understand your stance Mike, as leading your site to good manners towards the masses.
I have traded futures for a number of years and switched to CFDs for also a couple of years and in Europe we are many enjoying the benefits (I was one of the leading moderator from the biggest french trading forums)

Futures and CFDs are two different worlds... Cannot be compared but it is to be known and experienced some time.

The funny thing is now that Eurex is trying to compete against CFDs officially by introducing smaller contracts so there is something going on in the air... But to match both worlds, margins will have to go lower I'm afraid as leverage on CFDs is possibly higher
...although... at the same time you also enjoy added benefits like guaranteed stoplosses which by paying a small extra, you will not lose from, say (just one case), an overweekend market gap at the opening price of Monday for exemple : the gap over the stop level will be credited back to your account ... so really, you cannot compare the risks at both ends, they are SO different !

Anyway, some initial bucketshops have now turned into major leading brokerage corporations quoted on stock exchanges and if you analyse the yearly accounts of the leaders, let's just take IG Markets, then you realise they grew fucking solid since they earned most clients losses for so many years they sat on a carpet of gold and now they are unlikely to crash (even BNS losses were small, although huge, just a drop into the pool)

Thanks for your time

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