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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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BTTFT Michael View Post
Hey Cory,

The last 3 customers (three) that tried to post positive reviews on here were tossed off because

(a) they didn't have 20 posts somewhere else on the site (the minimum "post" requirement or
(b) they were told that they were probably someone from my company.

The first customer manages a multi-million dollar hedge fund, and trades profitably.

The second customer has a net worth of over $10,000,000 - and makes on average $1,500-$2,000 a week.

Those posts don't make it to this forum, for some reason.

When I see a customer who is struggling on here - I'm going to react. I'm going to ask honest questions - like, "What was your trading plan?", or, "what was your expectancy of the model you were testing".

When you came out with your VOLSTOP indicator, no where did you ever say, "take every signal, signal to signal". Guys discussed how they were trading it - trading with trend, trading as S/R, trading at POC, VAL, VAH. When someone suggests that for one of your indicators, everyone corrects them. When I do it - and offer help, it's marketing.

I've given up caring what non-customers on this forum think. I've reached out to the customer - who made a mistake - without any training....went off on his own and had difficulties. I don't treat it like the other vendors - the sale and run guys that couldn't give a rat's ass.

Wait - that probably sounded like marketing too....LOL.

I give up. Think what you think, man. Live long and prosper, everyone.

Hi @BTTFT Michael,

I receive e-mails from your company and sometimes I watch the videos linked in them. I am not a customer. You make some fair points in your rebuttals, and I do agree that at times the "anti-vendor" sentiment is so strong here, you might not get a fair shake.

That said, verifiable results (proof) can win an argument. You could PM folks on the forum and show them P/L, expectancy, backtests, etc. Those people could then relay what they saw. Better yet, take a single notable/credible member of the futures.io (formerly BMT) community and let them trade the EXACT strategy on CL you are proposing for this latest struggling customer.

There are avenues to winning this argument or at least countering with some verifiable metrics. It would require more than writing protest responses. Hell, I would even contribute CASH into a pool so you could have something for your time if a member like @cory (not that he would or should volunteer) stepped up to test the defined CL strategy.

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