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Friendly vendor competition?

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Check out @kevinkdog's threads and webinars. He has good material and has openly shared a great deal.

But how do you qualify a "working system"? How many times do you interfere with the system and still call it a system? How many times do you adjust parameters, or adjust which days it trades, or change the signals (always gotta "add a filter").

Even systems are largely discretionary in the way the manager of the system controls it or alters it or directs it.

Something that is rarely discussed on (formerly BMT) for whatever reason is portfolio trading using an algorithmic system with predefined rules. I still believe portfolio trading is basically the holy grail.

Automate this, for example, as a starting point:


This is an extremely important point. . . one of the most disturbing things about virtually the entire marketplace of vendors who market strategies, at least those that I've come across thus far, is that they always seem to (wisely, shrewdly, dishonestly) leave some wiggle room . . they leave a few parameters either undefined, or they have some settings that require user involvement, user tinkering. This is brilliant, of course, because when the strategy falls flat (and it almost certainly will, given enough time), the vendor can simply state 'well, you see, you had this setting at X, and it really should have been Y. . . learn from your mistake!'

I don't run a single strategy where every single variable isn't completely hard coded. There's absolutely no wiggle room, I don't change things. . . I have their entry times (time of day, day of week, etc) all hard coded, and its my personal belief that if you're using a decade or more of historical data to craft the strategy, you probably shouldn't be tinkering with it based upon the data from the past week or two or three. . in my experience, those who follow this practice tend to fare very badly.

Any strategy I create has to be a completely finished product, with nothing for me to subjectively or arbitrarily change or tweak over time. . . and I was stunned to see how often this isn't the case, and I'm still curious as to what the reasoning would be for this (leaving 'wiggle room' in a strategy, not setting everything in stone before its launch), other than dishonest (but effective) marketing tactics.

(Making an edit here to encourage users to follow Mike's advice regarding KevDog's posts and webinars, these are practically mandatory reading, imho, for those starting out down this path. . . this community owes him a big 'thank you' for his willingness to so openly share all that he has, as its such a rarity for successful/proven traders to be willing to show so many of their means and methods, concepts and ideas. . )

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