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NinjaTrader' s Ecosystem vetting vendors

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sharmas View Post
@ninja Trader

My request is a very simple one and one that needs proper response for all of your customers.

#What is your Vendor Vetting process
#Why does Ninja Trader allow everyone that moves with a product to become a partner
#Isn't in these Vendor Webinars that you promote the use and sale of Ninja Trader platform

Yes there is a direct mutual benefit for you and the vendors.

So are you silent because you are there to protect these cowboy vendors at the expense of your own customers who pay your wages and your beautiful holidays.

Also under your leadership ...Ninja trader is struggling to release NT8... May be real focus needed to go into your own NT8 development rather than focusing on the number of partners you can gain on weekly basis.

My thoughts and support by many as it needs real courage to stand against the mighty companies.


Please stop posting the same thing over and over. It's up to @NinjaTrader if they want to respond to you, but repeating yourself over and over is just annoying. If you don't like NT then take your business elsewhere, let your actions speak for you (instead of you posting the same thing over and over).

Ray did respond to you once before already on June 2nd, in case you've forgotten...

NinjaTrader View Post
Hello Sharmas,

I have been out of the country on vacation and in fact still am and have just seen your multiple posts so I appreciate your patience on my reply. You specifically ask, “what is NinjaTrader’s selection criteria for Ecosystem partners”. First, it is important to understand that anyone can build and market anything they want for NinjaTrader without our consent, permission or authorization since NinjaTrader is an open platform. We do have a formal vetting process for new ecosystem partners requests which I discuss in more detail below.

Specific to ecosystem members where we do provide visibility through the ecosystem website or webinar programs, these companies have been carefully vetted for any possible illegal activity (past or present), consistent or frequent customer complaints and regulator violations including the NFA and CFTC (perhaps you consider this selection criteria). In many cases new ecosystem partner requests are refused for these reasons although this is not publicly visible.

As far as “proving” their add-ons, systems or education are effective (profitable), that is the responsibility of the trader to determine since it is subjective in many cases. Our ecosystem events are not “vendor endorsements” they are risk free opportunities for traders to see and hear from ecosystem vendors such that they can make their own determination on possible value to them. We do not limit these vendors since you never know who may really click with traders nor do we penalize someone just because they are new to providing their services. Somehow you feel we are taking advantage of traders by taking this open approach which I disagree with since we are actually providing them opportunities to determine who may work for them which otherwise might not be available. We believe in a free and open market where traders can make these decisions for themselves so we facilitate these opportunities for them. We also do not have a compensated marketplace to reap financial gain from the ecosystem companies which would be the only reason your concerns with the ecosystem vendors would potentially make sense.

We also have an ecosystem disclaimer that covers some of what I have included here and others have mentioned in previous posts however with your multiple requests I wanted to expand on some of it for you. I have now directly replied to you on it and I will not enter into a debate about it so I hope our position is clear since I will not be responding again to this thread.


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