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This is not my fight and I do not use any of these nor endorse them.
These people may or may not be part of the site in question. I do not know, nor do I care.

However, as an IT person I know it is very easy to post from places that are not where you actually are located.
Some services even allow this for anonymity reasons. And in this day of Wireless Broadband, the actual server that shows my location may be 100's of miles away and it will appear that I am in another city or state without me even trying to disguise this.

When I post from my laptop using a Sprint or Verzion Broadband card I have found that even without trying to hide my location, it will come up as if I am in Houston, Tx. when I am actually in New Orleans.

I'm not saying that these guys were not attempting to hide who they are. From what I have read, it appears that Sam is correct in his assumptions. But sometimes apparent location information may be different without intentionally trying to hide it.

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Sorry Dragon Slayer, but this forum is not a democracy where everybody can write anything, and advertising for self-promotion is not allowed (check this post).
And trying to do this in hiding your real vendor identity is not allowed either.

So, when some suspicious threads/posts, we investigate a bit.

And when you find that:
- 714Trader, which is supposed to live in south California, posts from Oregon
- Zulutrader, whch is supposed to live in NY, post from Florida
- Dragon Slayer, whch is supposed to live in Texas, post from Florida too
- these people joined the forum and immediately posted in the day trade to win thread, and no where else
what do we think ?

Do you think we are complete idiots ?

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