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future price historical data and live data

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future price historical data and live data

Hello guys, i am new one at this. I will ask couple of questions about future's but please don't judge me too hard as I am really dummy in this..
1) my first question is about this: cmegroup.com/trading/agricultural/grain-and-oilseed/oats
what price is showed in this page? for example "last price", is it last spot price for last traded futures contract?
Next question: first row..does it shows how many future contracts will be executed on SEP2015?
Next question: I don't understand why future contracts have price if the future contract definition is saying that real contract price will be paid only in the date that is mentioned in contract?

2) my second question is about this: barchart.com/charts/futures/LEV15
what does futures historical data shows? does it say at what prices was sold future contracts or at what price those contracts was executed..? I really don't udnerstand. By execution i mean.,.for example...futures contract: somoene agreed to sell 1 ton of aluminium at 2,500$ at october 31 and when the date came price changeded due to currency fluctuation and the final price is shown in this historical future contract graphs..?

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