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Understanding futures market ( delta , time and sale )

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I've new to futures trading and been trying hard to understand the theory behind it. I've read few article from the web and it mentioned that futures market it's a place where buyers and sellers meet in order to transact. For every buyer, there is a seller and for every seller, there is a buyer. If this statement "For every buyer, there is a seller and for every seller, there is a buyer " is true , i would like to know why there is a delta difference for each candle ( chart type in minutes) . If each price level got transaction between each buyer and seller, the delta should be remain zero.

Apart from it, i'm also finding it hard to understand time&sale print. Assuming i'm buying 5 contracts and there's seller willing to sell to me. Will the T&S print both 5 contracts buy and 5 contracts sell together at T&S ?

Hope some of the senior here could give me some guidance. Thanks in advance.

I think it's easier to explain with a footprint chart.

a delta can be seen on every single price level. in my example we look at the transaction at 1,922.25. at that time the market was 1,922.00 (bid) to 1,922.25 (ask). a marketable order (marketable orders are either market orders, or buy and sell limit orders whose limit price is at or above/below the current market price. A marketable buy limit order would have a limit price set at or above the current ask in the market) was executed at the offer (1,922.25). meaning a buyer of 3 contracts hit a limit order at that price. now we have a buyer of 3 contracts and a seller of 3 contracts. same amount of buyers and sellers. but since the transaction happened on the offer (ask), we now have a positive delta of 3.

of course you can also analyze the delta of candles, the whole session etc, whatever you want to.

time & sales also reports a buy of 3 contracts at 1,922.25 at around 16:15. again we need a marketable order to hit a limit order to have a transaction.

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