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Can brokers piggyback on their customers?

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Integrity, lack of interest, so generally no. You talk like brokers are thieves by nature.

I don't see anything in any of my posts implying that brokers are thieves by nature. I simply asked if it was possible for a broker to do this if they wanted to. As I mentioned, if people had access to trades that some of the top retail traders are making, I would certainly think someone would be tempted to do it. Look at all the people who come on this forum trying to find trading rooms. Thats exactly what they want...someone to call the trades and they follow along.

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I don't see what's the issue anyhow, it's only a negative if a broker front runs you. If a broker buys or sells after you then it's a bonus, so your question is pointless.

I agree that it's helpful if they buy/sell afterwards. I would expect if they did it, they would front run the person, if able.

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If they front run you then there is a rule in place as it's illegal.

This is what I was getting at when I asked the question. I figured there must be some kind of rule in place but nobody else mentioned that so thanks for that info. Is there anyway that this rule is enforced?

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