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Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (

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charts attached as Proof the Atas line works

I'm not sure what the agenda here at big mike forum when moderators ban traders for answering questions from other traders. Sam, you blew it on this one. Razor asked a question and zulu answered it honestly, then he was banned for saying something positive? I think it reflects poorly on the way things are handled here at big Mike forum. It would have been better to ask zulu to post charts, but you didn't even give him a chance.

I have posted the charts in question, which Razor asked. Zulu answered correctly what razor asked.

July 12
July 14
July 20 Today

I will be happy to post more charts for traders to see that the Atlas Line and ATO do in fact add to our trading as a benefit.

Traders like Dragon who rant and complain have no idea what he's talking about since he claims to never have purchased anything from DTTW. I haven't read anything of value with those rants, but the moderators seem to allow it as it draws in the drama. I wonder if Dragon is bashing vendors because he himself is offering and selling something? I wonder??

I am posting my charts to prove a point that both the Atlas line and ATO are one of the only Price action methods i have found to be consistent. i have purchased lots of crap so i know what i'm talking about.

If you don't believe it check out my charts. Razor can vouch all the signals are real. the last 2 weeks have been 10 winners one loss. That is a fact which can be supported with charts. You can take that to the bank.

I know i'm not part of the drama click here at big mike's forum, but i'd like to at least offer my experiences to the mix to help us all as traders.
My charts are attached, take from it what you may.

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Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (   Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (   Day Trade to Win's Atlas Line (  
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