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historical bid ask

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when you say iqfeed supports historical bid / ask for download, is that considered superior to a broker feed such as rithmic because the rithmic feed may only have a months backfill of bid/ask?

Is it also considered superior because broker data feeds to the tick are not as accurate as iqfeed or is bid / ask to the tick only recorded with iqfeed?

( or does it depend on platform )

Assuming that it becomes awkward to get previous months bid/ask data from a broker rithmic feed if you dont select the feed to continue over at the rollover I guess iqfeed also seems superior in that respect since you can download it. Is this correct to conclude?

Assuming I turn on a platform like multicharts or sierracharts everytrading day - can the data be just as good as iqfeed if the platforms server or my server ( computer ) just records that data and by 'just as good' I mean to the tick as accurate or less than a minute.

It would be good to know all the above

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