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latency advantage of VPN?

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latency advantage of VPN?

I am based in London. For point and click trading on the CME is there a latency advantage to using a VPN to connect to a machine located at my broker's office in Chicago compared to just using a business-quality internet connection from my office. Typical software platforms would be used (TT, CQG).

Edit (I am not allowed to post reply)
I am inquiring about VPN not VPS. Yes, I did a search, but nothing dealt specifically with latency and VPN. I am trying to understand why brokers would be pushing a VPN to a local machine as a solution for long-distance clients. I did not think that VPN could defy the laws of physics. However, perhaps the data transfer for a screen refresh is substantially less than the full data transfer.

Edit 2:
Thanks for the replies. Sorry, I am confusing people by getting terminology mixed up. What the broker would offer is a secure (via VPN I surmise) RDP (either to a remote desktop PC or Server). As mentioned below "local PC will receive the remote PC monitor display" so there should be less data transfer. Also mentioned below, the "broker's office network has fast, dedicated access to the order routing infrastructure that you use, then it is possible that you can get a latency advantage over connecting directly to the order routing infrastructure over public internet". Is it always on a case by case basis whether the RDP solution has better latency for point-and-click trading? If I were to get a demo of the RDP solution, is it straightforward to test the latency/ping times?

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