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Newbie to Futures: Margin relative to account size

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Because I want to explore another asset class, which is more regulated and because I have the belief system that FX moves too erratically, when compared to some Futures. But maybe I am wrong.

Now is probably not the right time to get into futures as a beginner.

Unless you're already experienced with proven trading systems in place to aid you, in my opinion the current futures market condition is extremely erratic with very wild swings every day, both during regular hours and non-regular hours (when US market closes) as you can see from the real-time charts of the ES market yourself. And illiquid too.

I am not sure if you know this but the market is currently dominated by HFT manipulators with frontrunning, spoofing, wash trading, etc and that's well documented. Even the CME was sued for knowingly allowing HFT manipulators to do countless wash trades every moment of the day, which was found to be around 50% of all trades done, if I remember correctly. That means 50% of transactions you see in the futures market is fake.

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