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Viper Trading Systems Indicator

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Just got this in th'email...prices goin' up for Viper

Not SPAM, just an affirmation the bigger picture. I tried them for a month last summer and even tried the new ATBreakout thingee (something about the technical term "Robo-Friendee" just bothers me. I don't know why. It just does...gets under my skin every time Charles says it), but it just wasn't for me. To much heat at times, and in the final analysis, I enjoy the act of trading. Though I do agree that you should babysit the system, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the price is suddenly going up.

And the "High Energy Times" does seem like so much smoke. Let's just add some astrology from Larry Pesavento while we're at it (with apologies to anyone that uses astrology in their trading).



******Important - Rate Increase After Tuesday, July 20th - Please Read******

**************If you are an existing subscriber - your rates will not change as long as you remain an active subscriber************

After Tuesday, July 20th, the following changes will occur to the Viper subscription rates:

- The Free Trial will now cost a nominal $99 for 15 days and this amount will be credited to toward the first month's subscription

- If you are an existing subscriber, or a new subscriber, to the Indicators and Live Chat at the $199/mo rate; you will have the opportunity to add the High Energy Times and High Probability Trades for $99/mo.

- The Full Autotrader subscription will increase by $100 per month: The first month will now be $399 and the monthly rate thereafter will be $499/mo. This will include all of the features currently listed on the pricing page, PLUS the new Probinator Autotrader as well as the High Energy Times and High Probability Trades.

If you are thinking of subscribing, or an upgrade to your existing subscription, please consider doing so before the close of business on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010; or you will come in at the higher rates.

We are excited at the results of the Breakout Trading system now logging over 1,000 trades since it's launch in early May. If you have any questions about the rate increase, or the products and services of the various subscription levels, please be certain to visit either or both of the next two Webinars:

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