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I have been a Nat user before

I have been a member of Nat's room several times over the past three years. I could only take about 3 months at a time and would leave. Nat uses a mixture of methods but none that you can really get your head around. She uses a mix of S&R, including Murrey Math lines. Se is a master at calling both longs and shorts, so no matter which way the market goes, she is right. I never could get in synch with her. To say she is moody is an understatement. No one questions Nat and gets away unscathed. She is very defensive. The posted results are all hypothetical. If you read her website carefully you will find that disclaimer (and that she keeps her own trades private). The results do not reflect reality in any way; trades are left out and others just appear. There really is not a clear way to tell whether a trade is a scalp, a "method" call, or a swing trade. I just could not take the confusion. So you ask why did I go back several short I was groping and hoping to find something that worked.

The last time I was a member (over a year ago) YoYo was the moderator on Monday mornings. His calls were easier to understand than Nat's.

If you can understand Nat, you can make money there. I just could not. All is not bad about her site. She really does want to help you. She does give seminars (some free, some at cost).

The bottom line I have: save your money, read the threads here and you will progress faster as a trader.
Papa15 (on Nat, it was buddyp)

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