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To everyone who is interested in Naturus. I was a member of her room for about 2 years. Every day I would come to her room and trade. I made money and I lost money. I do agree with every one who has posted in this tread. However I think Nat is one of the best traders I have met since I started to trade about 4 years ago.
Nat does make a lot of points, but it is hard to know where she is trading and if she is trading because she would not show her DOM.
On the other hand she will try to explain what she is doing if she is having a good day.
Nat would offer trades every day on the long side and short side it is up to an individual trader to decide which way to go. There were in some cases some ghost trades where price would never get to but she would call to take money “of the table” that part was very confusing to me.
Room is not very friendly and I had some conflicts with some members when I had to ask questions. Some old members are very protective of Nat. I left Nat because I just could not make enough money to justify my expense. All in all this was very good learning experience. There is very comprehensive tread on this forum discussing chat rooms, so if any of you are in need of the room read that post.
In my humble opinion there is no need to pay $250.00 dollars fore any room. I guess now Nat is charging a bit more. There are free rooms on the web, or room that would charge a lot less.
And one last point do not “kill” Yoyo he is great friend and great trader. If you ever need any help just ask Yoyo!!!

BTW my name in the room was Zustrich

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