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Blue wave trading review

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Decided to drop out of hyperspeed, pop my head in from the multiverse a minute here and note that in my opinion this is one of the best posts on any trading forum, in this dimension and every other. Ah, I hear the protests, "There's no secrets, no 'grails holy or otherwise, not even any real technical advice, a cheeky guru-ish foretelling of likely riches... not even a damn ad hominem attack for entertainment value?!!! What's so bloody great about that??!!?"


I've never used Blue Wave Trading's autotrader or any product but for some bar-types I bought a couple of years ago. Theywere fine, they were... well, just bartypes. It's important to note that the last AmsterdamWhale comment is off topic and meant as a positive, supportive response to the poster's attempt to draw our attention away from 'ad hominem attacks', to trading's core requirements - because I know that a great deal of what's said on forums is very much misunderstood by the voracious yet intellectually lazy minds of many new traders trying to make a go of things. The biz attracts quick buck wannabes like no-where else, let's be frank. I came to this way of thinking after reading a lot of dangerously libelous 'reviews' of both big and small money trading software products that I had very positive experiences with. I started talking to people and thinking about why this was so because I decided that leaving it at some version of, 'because they're idiots' was, while no doubt true, the same cop out 'the idiots' were making.

I developed a theory that people had incredibly unrealistic exepectations of trading and that the preponderance of info many people were getting they were cherry-picking from forums etc, Of course it's their own damn fault but I wasnt questioning blame, that's obvious from the start ('idiots', remember?). It did bother me though, personally.

It was a hard decision for me to take, but a full third of the trading kitty I'd scraped together I decided to spend on a traderoom/educational package. If I had not made that decision 4 years ago I would not be enjoying the amazing success I'm very proud of.

One thing I discovered was that some of the worst offenders were people who hadn't even paid the money - but were using pirated copies! I should have known! In fact I remember it wasn't long after I'd made that decision to spend the $$ on edu when I found a review of my edu provider that was so aggresive and so venemous, so detailed and so long-lived - the entries were over a three year period - that I literally vomitted from the sudden panic i felt considering that I might've just in reality put my family's future in the dustbin while trying so hard to improve our lives. It wasn't the case, thankfully, but for real - the educator's been under constant assualt during the 4 years I've been trading full time and yet I've found greater success than I'd even hoped for by initially using his methods, his products and in the first 18 months, his routines and traderoom everyday. . .

So, I've decided that it was my expectations which played the decicive role here, more so even than my abilities, dedication, and determination because, well, because expectation neccesarily precedes all of those other factors in the reasoning process, yet often is the least considered element. Objectively, anyhow.

Importantly, what I mean here is less obvious than just one's expectations about specifically what one expects a provider to provide, because in looking into this a bit more deeply I found that the material and/or personality behind it can all be top notch but if success is not met, expected success anyway, students/consumers genuinely feel ripped off. There seems to be some confusing between knowledge that is difficult to attain because it's kept under wraps by someone who isn't eager to share it (unless the $ is right) and knowledge difficult to attain because its complexity requires the 'build one step upon the last' approach. Lots of candid market participants shared with me that, at the outset, they'd really believed it was the former type they had to aquire. There's really a lot of things in our society generally and in trading in particular which foster this point of view which, if never actually challenged, is in many ways a natural-enough position to take - for an idiot anyway.

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