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Blue wave trading review

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I have been using the BWT for a few years, and finally discovered SuperTrend and realized that there was nothing special about the BWT's at all. It is mostly cosmetic. I have traded these tool-sets side by side and noticed no difference in the signal firings.

You can get the SuperTrends on this forum, or buy indicators from different vendors that are also great duplicates. You can even get a decent auto trader.

BW has turned off the license for the indicators I paid for and have used for these past few years. He has not refunded my money.

Indicators can add an edge when used well with emphasis on the most leading indicators of price, s&r, TOD, FTP.
So, before you spend a fortune on hyped up stuff with big price tags, consider alternatives. There are no secret indicators, or secret setups, or anything secret.
Your ability to trade well will ultimately (imho) come down to your willingness to learn to trade price action first, indicators second.

Also, if you are going to pay a large amount of money on any tools, better make sure there is real live training available on how to use them to trade with. Buying indicators and a printed manual of setups does not cut it. Show and tell in the live market is the difference between someone who sells hype and theory, and someone who actually can trade well with their own tools and setups.

Decided to drop out of hyperspeed, pop my head in from the multiverse a minute here and note that in my opinion this is one of the best posts on any trading forum, in this dimension and every other. Ah, I hear the protests, "There's no secrets, no 'grails holy or otherwise, not even any real technical advice, a cheeky guru-ish foretelling of likely riches... not even a damn ad hominem attack for entertainment value?!!! What's so bloody great about that??!!?"


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