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simple...but effective or ineffective?



If you purchased the 6 months package, did you learn it and follow it as is, or did you try to mesh it with other things you thought might be useful from past experiences?

The reason I ask is that it seems his instructions use basic, familiar concepts of identifying certain levels to trade from, then considers certain qualifiers, including the floor traders’ probe, to determine whether to trade from that level. He then suggest to exit half your position to manage the risk to create a free trade situation, while looking to achieve the larger profit target.

The very few days I have participated in a trial, he identified good levels to enter from, and the directional bias correctly. Since I don’t have extended experience with him, I don’t know if that is typical. His trades are clearly from support and resistance, not an indicator-driven pullback or breakout strategy which is often represented by vendors. I can see if someone was still in the indicator mindset, they would have to change their perspective completely to effectively trade as he teaches.

When you reference the need to have a lot of money to be successful, do you mean that a multi-lot trader that scales out as he promotes would fare better than a single-lot trader or an all-in, all-out trader?

Regarding his live student teaching, does he simply reinforce his strategy, over and over? It seems if it is relatively simple with a small learning curve, one could grasp it quickly and just need practice and confirmation that he is properly applying the strategy. When Ace is short with students’ comments and questions, are they asking about things that he teaches, or are they asking about the usefulness of including their own ideas and indicators to what he is teaching? Is he simply strictly teaching his strategy alone, and has no comment or much patience with a student turning it into something else?

How did you determine if he trades his strategy? I never heard him say anything about his personal trading, or show a DOM. If he does trade it, would that change your perspective of his strategy?

Thank you for any insight you can share. I am genuinely interested in your experiences and thoughts. He is certainly a unique character, and how he loudly operates his room is very different from any other I am aware of. I know it is annoying to some, but offering an effective strategy for making money trading would help most overcome the annoyance.

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