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What Training courses you have please give me your review

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While 90% you are right, still 10% you are wrong.
1. Why Gurus are teaching ? Well, it might be just a matter of risk preference. If they become tired of everyday risk exposure and just want calm working day for example. However, young and energetic traders would prefer trade every swing, every move.

2. Second, you mentioned some chat rooms and books. Well isn't that a same scum ? I have read a lot of books where authors have nothing to say, basically.

3. Third, is not that true that whole educational system ( I mean Universities, etc. ) is the same big scum? Why teachers go to teach ? Yes, right, if they can't make money using their knowledge then they go teach :-) I saw a lot of talanted people teaching in University. Why they teach ? Go work and make money in business, economy, mathematics instead of brain washing young fellows. :-)

4. Afterall, what is this forum about ? Why you guys are here ? Go trade, make money for a living, don't teach us professionals how to trade :-) Don't waste money on post, lets trade.

No offense mate. There is everywhere a place for scum and a place for real value. It is on us to decide. That is why I really stand for Rating agencies. In this case we ( this forum ) is a rating agency. And we say that the product is good or not. That is how open market works.


Everything is debatable, and I'm sure we could go back and forth until the cows come home. I will answer your reply and will leave it alone at that.

1. Everyone gets burned out in every occupation and business. And we all have our own goals and levels of acchievements and of course level of contentment. For me and I'm 99% sure that the overall goal for most traders is to build an equity curve to the level that would allow us to take several vacations a year or only trade 5 to 20 hours a week. And to the next level where you hire an CTA or Managed Futures account and have someone else do all the trading for them. Thus providing a passive income and at the same time having the freedom to live the life of their dreams. So, I really don't concur with your theory on this.

2. Again, thats what these forums are all about. Traders exchanging information and ideas on good and bad books, videos and other usefull information. As far as scum in the forums, they rise to the surface and get weeded out.

3. I believe you're drawing straws with this reply. What are you saying that our education system is about scum teachers brain washing young adults? Do you have a higher education? No offense, but it doesn't sound like you do with this reply. Are there bad teachers in the educational system? Of course there are, again they get weeded out and float to the top and move on. Seen it here in my local educational system in New York State.

4. I can't speak for others, but I'm in forums for several good reasons. A) Trading is a lonley business and the forums help with interaction with others that have the same interest. Why are you here???? B) I learn from others as well as trying to help others which is the concept of the forum. Which I think Big Mike would agree. Ask Big Mike why he's here. C) Not sure about you, but it doesn't cost me money to post in here or any other forum.

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In closing, the more I was typing this reply the more feeling I got that you're one of the Guru's preying on new traders. It's obvious that you are from some educational system. Like I said earlier they rise to the surface and get washed away. Good Luck Mate and no offense, just calling it as I see it. If the shoe fits.


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