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Can you specify what kind of instrument you want to trade with the news? because I have spent months researching all the different new feeds and what ones are the best. If you want realtime instant news feeds to make a snap decision on a trade then there are only a handful any good. If your a swing trader there are tons of them. If your trading futures or forex off the news I cant help you.


For myself, I'm looking for something that is mostly quiet (no inane chatter to fill the air) and alerts me to breaking news when it happens. Not 'up to the second' as I'll never be able to react that fast, but 'up to the minute' or so. If it's much older than that, I'll have found it by then as it will be obvious that something happened and the free news services will have something.

Additionally, the provider should maintain a recent events (most recent to older) list that one can click on and get further information should they desire. And a decent calendar would be good. The free sites are fair, but I have to visit a number of them it seems.

I don't like the endlessly repeating talking heads and certainly don't like ads which talk.

It's my feeling that news which affects the financial markets almost always affects them all, no matter where in the world the event occurred.

For the main purpose of this thread, however, I'm hoping to gather a good collection of what's out there so please feel free to share your entire collection of news sources and comment what you liked and did not like on them.

Thanks for asking,

Blessings & Good Trades
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