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Hi, I've been looking into news feeds that give real-time events and happenings that affect the financial markets.

I've been mostly lurking on this question but have now started actively searching out feeds.

There are a few threads on the forums that have some stuff as well so I'd like to reference them.

So, for starters here's some threads I've found:

Real-time market/economic news feeds question
What are the best twitter news feeds to follow?
Any interesting traders to follow on twitter or on blogs?
Looking for a good live audio news feed, Any suggestions?

Some Links I've found (from the above links and elsewhere):

Bloomberg Television: Live TV - Bloomberg
Bloomberg Radio - Bloomberg
RANsquawk - Real-time Analysis & News Ltd
RTT NewsStream, Real-Time Streaming News ? RTTNews
News Viewer - MarketWatch
Financial Juice
Sigma Squawk

I know there a lot of folks who use twitter:

I know there is one software out there that has been mentioned that concentrates tweets, but I can't find the reference. Perhaps somebody will supply.

Traders/Sources to follow on twitter:
I know that @FuturesTrader71, hashtag #FT71 is one. He's also a listed vendor here and even has a wiki page.

This is an incomplete list but a start. If anybody is willing or knows of additional references please update.

Seems like this question comes up frequently enough as we get new users (of which I'm one) and start looking for info on this topic.

Thanks all


It is interesting that you happened to bring this up right now. We have just finished working out a fantastic deal on my favorite real time news squawk and research feed this week. We launched to Stage 5 members, but you are welcome to give the trial a shot. I have tried them all and S5-TTN is superior, in my opinion.

Here is the link to try it out: Stage 5 - S5 TradeTheNews

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