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Flux Capacitor - by Back to the Future

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It is not magic, and it is not a scam

I own the indicator. I bought it because it is how I traded. Every night I went through charts of past weeks to match patterns. So when I saw the indicator I knew it could help me. It is not magic, it does not predict. It simply gather stats from the look back days against the indicator you choose (moving average, or their AMACD).

In trading, a few things things come into play, price, time, volume, money mgmt. if you can get all right you are golden. What flux gives me is the time aspect. So, you do not use it alone, use it with your other price based indicators that will confirm the turning point. Although they emphasize the direction, it is more effective using it for turning points rather than for the direction.

They claim 20 trading days look back days is useful (30 days on the indicator). I look at 5 trading days, 10 trading days and 20 trading days and give weight to 5. I trade legs when all the three coincide in a particular direction.

I have used it for over 9 months now on the ES only. And I can confirm that on the turning points is more than 70% correct for the ES during CASH hours. Michael also claims it is 70% accurate in general. I do not keep track on paper, I use it to gauge what time I should wake up everyday or what time I should come back to my desk All I know that if it is not right most of the time, I would not look at it every night

New buyers of the indicator will come up with ways to use that indicator. If the system is good, usually they share with the rest of the subscribers. Both Mike and Ron are honest and helpful people, but perhaps not the most experienced traders or best organized business. They keep statistics of the some systems they prescribe, but not all. They archive past video trainings, but slow.

Anyway, I thought I would offer a fair review of the product.


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