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NinjaTrader' s Ecosystem vetting vendors

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NT has let their vendor “ecosystem” get out of hand. Part of this can be traced back to their policy of preferential licensing to vendors. Right now if you can code some bullshit indicator and slap up a WordPress site you are a vendor.

In my opinion, NT has also mismanaged and whored out their email list to the point of it being worthless to legitimate partners. People will only watch so many crappy webinars with vendors that haven’t the slightest clue before they determine it is worthless.

As a businessman, I have never understood the idea of a “lifetime” license from a business perspective. To maintain reasonable cash flow you must charge an update or yearly fee of some sort to maintain and fund your development efforts. Their subscription model provides part of this needed cash flow, but I am sure it is not enough.

NinjaTrader didn’t go out and buy an IB because they are your friend. My guess is that they needed the cash flow the brokerage would provide to bring their latest version to market.

They also wanted to “close” their ecosystem so they can get more of your wallet. The new policy of not allowing connections to new licensee’s that are not using NT Brokerage is proof of that.

An earlier poster was of the opinion that the (formerly BMT) community could replace vendors by developing and coding their own indicators. That would be extremely funny if it wasn’t so misguided. From what I read here when I stop in, 90% don’t really have a clue how the market even operates, let alone the knowledge needed to create a system to trade real money and make real profits.

I would venture an educated guess that 80% or better of the posters here are SIM market assassins trading overly complicated “systems” that don’t provide a true edge. Even a blind mouse finds some cheese every once in a while.

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