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Any Similar Experiences With MB Trading??

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Any Similar Experiences With MB Trading??

I really want to know if this is an isolated incident or others have had the same experience.

THREE WEEKS ago, I started attempting to open an account with MB Trading.
First, providing an ID, bank statement was a bit odd, but I proceeded with it.
Then a couple of days later, I get a request for my W-2 to "verify" my SSN. I sent them a copy of my W-2 with my Employer ID number and my contribution amounts crossed out (because they're irrelevant for "verifying" my SSN).
They came back a few days later saying I can't cross out any numbers!!! So, I bit my tongue and sent them a full version. A couple of days later, they came back and said they can't verify my SSN from EQUIFAX. I called EQUIFAX and they said they don't see anything wrong!!!

At this point I'm not interested in giving them my business any more. This experience was a waste of my time and was quite frustrating. I considered them because I heard good reviews. I should have recognized, however, that most of these reviews are from 2010-2011 period. It seems like they skimped out on customer service (putting a new grad in charge of New Accounts, while not knowing how to communicate with customers). I can't tell you how blunt their emails (when I finally got them) were.

I thought I'd share my experience here for others to have an actual record of a service, so there's no surprises.

Just for comparison sake, it took me two days to open an account AND fund it in Tradestation. You do get what you pay for (usually)