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Softsys hosting windows VPS review

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@banf42 I only noticed your message with your questions today. Sorry for the very slow reply.

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1. Do you find that installing SW, or running windowsUpdate is super slow?
(after installing .net 3.5, it needed ~130 updates, and that took overnight for me)

Windows update is slow but I usually do this less than once a month. I disabled automated windows update to avoid having my VPS rebooted at random times. It never took that long personally. maybe 1 hour max.

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2. Can you give details on running NT with IBgateway, vs with TWS?
I saw this info, which is old: IB Gateway - NinjaTrader Support Forum
Maybe you have a newer solution, which I've not yet seen?

I do not use TWStart. I do not like putting my login details into a 3rd party software that isn't widely used. plus my anti virus flagged it as potentially malicious.

To connect the gateway the way I do, please follow those steps:

1- Set IB gateway connection in NT. and use a differant port than for TWS connection (make sure it matches the property in the IB gateway settings)
2- Set a TWS connection (if you haven't one set already)
Make sure that "connect on startup" is not ticked for both connections
3- Launch TWS and log in.
4- Launch IB gateway and log in and let the IB gateway connection take over the TWS connection but do NOT close TWS
5- On NT, connect to the IB gateway using the IB gateway connection. (it will only work if TWS is still running in the background.)
At this stage you should have a NT properly connected to IB gateway but might experience issue with live data feed and historical data.
6- To solve this you need to go back to the disconnected TWS and take over the IB gateway connection (IB gateway will get disconnected, but do NOT close it)
Your IB gateway connection status in NT should turn red.
7- Connect NT to TWS using the TWS connection. That will initiate the live data feed and historical data.
8- Once NT to TWS is working with data feed, go back to IB gateway one last time and get it take over TWS
Your NT to TWS connection will turn red and the NT to IB Gateway should turn back to green. This final trick should enable historical data and live data through the gateway. (you should see two extra lines in the gateway console : Market data and historical market data)
9- Once you are sure that everything is running fine with the IB gateway, disconnect the TWS connection in NT and close TWS.

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3. Did you see any slowdowns during the trading day, or does the vps seem to have equal speed all the time?

It slows down at time.

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4. Do you use VPN or anything to secure the RDP connection to the vps? I'm not sure about the security of just a plain RDP connection over the internet.

I use plain RDP. I however changed the default port and don't store the IB password on the server.

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