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Rithmic feed and rissues

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TheWizard View Post
I had a similar issue awhile back. I emailed NinjaTrader support & created a support ticket & here was the resolution to my problem:

Reset all of your default instruments by following the steps below.

Disconnect for all data providers
Go to the Control Center -> Tools.
Inside the Options window select the Data tab
Press the Reset Instruments button
Close NinjaTrader
Go to (My) Documents -> NinjaTrader 7 -> db
Right click on the folder "cache" and select delete.
Open NinjaTrader
Connect to data provider
Try to Reload chart data
Note: Any changes made to original instruments settings will be reset.

Let us know if the issue persists.

NinjaTrader Customer Service

Thank You @TheWizard for your response, unfortunately have tried that route. Regardless I sincerely appreciate your attempt to help.
apparently it has to do with my inability to access a address hds2.ninjatrader.com
Which I and current ISP ATT uverse cannot.
Granted it depends on whom you speak to when dealing with tech support with an ISP as they are not trained in all aspects of Support? You have to go thru the hoops and like 10 people and re-iterate everything you just told someone else. Even after the automated part-LOL where they get all your info!
I can connect using Rithmic just fine when using MultiCharts, Rtrader, etc...
All other data feeds using NT multibroker connect fine, fxcm,MBtrading,NT Continum including the ability to "reload all historical data". From Nt support seems the problem is on my end with the inability to connect to said above addrress. Sent them traceroute and ping results. As well talked to ISP but neither seem to be able to figure out or so said.
Weird thing is using other connection medium being wireless T-Mobile as well as MetroPCS I cannot ping said address as well. Above results are from direct connection(wired on the ATT Uverse)just tried other medium via wireless as test.
Thank you again for your response as well thanks for all your contributions here in the forum

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